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Boiler Automation

IGNEIS is a modern control system for steam boilers:
• IGNEIS 05 - for combustion optimization
• IGNEIS 10 - for modular boiler automation and optimization
• IGNEIS 400 - for full boiler automation and optimization

• RT 400 - Remote terminal for IGNEIS systems
• IGNEIS O4S - Device for oxygen measurement

Steam Saturation

GEYSIR II converts wet or superheated steam into 100% saturated steam, increasing thermal efficiency and saving steam.

Solar Energy

Auting Control designs, builds and installs complete PV solar power plants, for generation of electricity. Applications go from feeding energy to a shop, to an office building, to a commercial building, to a private home, to external lighting, to a communications repeater, down to an isolated water pump on a field.

About Us

Auting Control S.A. de C.V. was founded in 1990 as process control and automation company.
In this time lapse we have designed, delivered, installed and commissioned process automation systems for the following sorts industries: chemical plants, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, oil and gas, textiles, sugar mills and sewage treatment plants.

More About Us

We started development IGNEIS, an automation system for steam boilers and furnaces, aimed at increasing the efficiency of these equipments. Experience so far has shown that installing IGNEIS on any type of boiler increases fuel efficiency by at least 4%, but increases of up to 15% have been achieved. Operation of boilers becomes easy and safe.

Several years later, we introduced our steam saturator GEYSIR II, which converts superheated or wet esteam into 100% saturated steam. It considerably reduces steam consumption and increases production capacity in machinery that uses steam through heat exchange. It also guarantees a smooth and stainless color distribution in textile vaporizers.

We built a domestic solar power plant, using photovoltaic panels of our own desing and construction, with the aim of acquiring experience in supplying the energy of the future to the common household. This plant has been in successful uninterrupted operation ever since, allowing the home to operate fully without drawing electrical energy from the public grid.

Our aim at reducing the cost of boiler optimization led us to the introduction of IGNEIS O2S and later IGNEIS O4S, devices designed for economical and reliable online oxygen measurement on stacks. With them, both acquisition and maintenance of oxygen measurement have become considerably cheaper.


At present day, our interest is still focused on process automation, energy optimization and the use of solar energy for various purposes. Our objective is to develop solutions which will allow companies to produce more efficiently and maintaining a good quality of their products. We also aim at bringing clean energy to everyone.