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About IGNEIS 10

Modular automation and optimization

IGNEIS 10 is a modern system designed for modular automation and optimization of steam boilers. It is designed to be mounted on the boiler directly. In general terms, it consists of the following components:

- Control Unit CP10, contains a programmed controller, field terminals, a UPS and the local operator´s Interface.

- Remote Terminal RT400, is a PC based remote operator´s interface with data archives and Ethernet communication.

- Sensing Devices, for steam pressure, boiler level, stack oxygen, steam flow, fuel flow, water flow, etc.

- Modulating Actuators, for air damper, fuel valve, feed water valve, etc.

System Modules are:

Basic Module:
Automatic start/stop sequence, boiler safety, steam pressure PID control, combustion control and optimization.

Energy Module:
Steam and fuel measurement, energy calculations, real boiler efficienty calculations.

Level Control Module:
One and three elements.

Sludge Blowdown Module

Salts Blowdown Module

Pump Control Module
Feed water pressure control, pump sequencing.

Chemicals Dosing Module
Proportional to feed water flow.

Deaereator Control Module

Condensate Tank Control Module

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