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For generation of electricity

Auting Control designs, builds and installs complete PV solar power plants, for generation of electricity. Applications go from feeding energy to a shop, to an office building, to a commercial building, to a private home, to external lighting, to a communications repeater, down to an isolated water pump on a field.

The following configurations are usual:

Isolated power plant
The PV power plant operates with no connection to an external electrical grid. A means for storing energy is needed in order to maintain the power supply to consumers during the night or when solar radiation is not enough. Usually, the surplus energy is stored in a battery of electrochemical accumulators.

Connected power plant
In this mode, the PV power plant is connected to the public power grid; it works in the same manner as the isolated plant, but it can receive energy from the grid when solar radiation has not been enough and the battery is in low charge state.

Integrated power plant
No means of energy storage is used. The PV power plant is integrated into the public power grid; it can feed and sell its surplus energy into the grid and receive energy from the latter at night time or whenever solar power is not enough.