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About IGNEIS 400

Full automation and optimization

IGNEIS 400 is a most modern automation and optimization system for steam boilers, designed for operating boilers in fully automatic mode, while extracting from them the maximum efficiency. In general terms, it consists of the following components:

- Control Unit CP400, contains a programmable controller, field terminals, a UPS and the local operator interface (TOP)

- Power Cabinet PU400 , contains a three phase mains switch, pump staters, motor protections and a power transformer. Space is left for accomodating up to 3 variable speed drives (one air blower and 2 pumps). It also contains several manual operation devices.

- Remote Terminal RT400, is a PC based remote operator interface with data archives and Ethernet communication.

- Sensing Devices, for steam pressure, boiler level, stack oxygen, steam flow, fuel flow, air flow, etc.

- Modulating Actuators, for firing ratio, feed water, blower speed, chemicals feed, boiler blow down, etc.

System Functions are:

  • • Automatic start/stop sequence
  • • Boiler safety: high pressure stop, low level cut-off, flame failure stop, low/high fuel pressure stop, low air pressure cut-off.
  • • Steam pressure PID control
  • • Combustion control and optimization
  • • Air to fuel 30 point characterization
  • • Stack oxygen control
  • • One and three element level PID control
  • • Salts blow down control
  • • Sludge blow down control
  • • NOx level control with characterized flue gas return damper
  • • Feed water flow proportional dosing of chemicals
  • • Fuel flow measurement, totalization and calculation of energy consumption
  • • Steam flow measurement, totalization and calculation of energy production
  • • Calculation of instantaneous and accummulated efficiency
  • • On-line trending of measured and calculated values
  • • Alarm report
  • • Data archiving
  • • Boiler operation through local and remote terminal
  • • Ethernet and Modbus communicacion

  IGNEIS 400 - Introduction
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  IGNEIS 400 - Control Unit
  IGNEIS 400 - Power Unit