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Device for oxygen measurement

IGNEIS O4S is a device designed for measuring oxygen concentration in flue gases of boilers and furnaces that burn liquid or gaseous fuels. The device consists of:

A Ceramic Sensor (zirconium oxide), with cable and connector. The sensor has a built-in heater and operates at a surface temperature of > 200 ° C. In boilers and furnaces burning natural gas this sensor has a normal lifespan of about 12 months; when burning diesel and fuel oil the normal lifespan is of about 6 months. This lifespan is reduced by highly polluting fuels.

A Measuring Tube for mounting on the stack, with one 4” and one 2” flange. A small portion of the flue gases is extracted from the stack, sent to the sensor and returned the stack. The tube has a threaded bore for mounting the sensor, along with a protecting housing. One 4”x100mm nipple and another 2”x100mm nipple, both with ANSI 150 flanges, have to be welded at the stack to support the tube (see mounting diagramm). Ambient air must be allowed to flow through the sensor housing.

An Evaluator/Transmitter, in a NEMA 4 metal housing, containing the evaluation electronics, temperature control, the autocalibration function and a passive output 4...20 mA, equivalent to 0...22% O2. It also contains a 12 VDC power source, for a power supply of 100...240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. On the outside is the pushbutton to start the autocalibration. The electronic board does not require any manual adjustment by the user.

A Remote Display, LCD, (optional), in a NEMA 4 plastic housing, with a configured output 4 ... 20 mA, equivalent to 0 ... 22% O2. The display is separately powered at 100...240 VAC, 50/60 Hz. It also has an output of 4 ... 20 mA for retransmission of the oxygen signal; this output should be configured by the customer.

  IGNEIS O4S - Flyer
  IGNEIS O4S - Electrical Installation Drawing
  IGNEIS O4S - Mechanical Installation Drawing